About “Moving Free”®

Inspired by her mother’s final declaration that she “must move free,” Deb embarked on a remarkable journey of awakening. She felt compelled to share what she had learned in order to illuminate others’ paths in this, her first book.

Utilizing the metaphor of a challenging mountain hike, Deb fearlessly chronicles her trek and guides you on your own ascending journey with her poignant and humorous stories, original poetry and affirmations, and sage advice. She encourages you to explore your life and integrate into it the mysteries of moving free.

The grounded yet uplifting tenets in this book are accessible to all, whatever your age, stage in life, or belief system. Deb writes in a way that meets you where you are without judgment and urges you to move free right here, right now.

As you join her on this quest, you will learn to navigate your challenges with courage and hope, ascend towards your personal peaks, and enjoy your daily hike. As you absorb these principles into your life, you’ll gradually begin spiraling up toward the life, relationships, and career you desire.

Moving Free® Excerpts

(from Introduction)
Please read this poem from the bottom to top, as if you were climbing a mountain path.

My Ascending Journey

my sweet
the way to my true trek,
Trusting my intuition —
pointing to my dream-life.
an important trail marker
Envisioning a desired outcome —
on the journey toward moving free.
Accepting what is — a crucial step
paved with suffering and pain.
Resisting what is — a rough road
a direct path to resistance and frustration.
Attempting to control people and situations —

Like climbing a steep mountain trail, just when we think we have our life plan figured out, yet another challenge or possibility suddenly appears. Like a bend in the path of a challenging hike, we’re sometimes momentarily thrown off course or we want to stop and not take another step. That’s why it’s so important to choose like-minded individuals with whom to share our walk through life. We will sometimes lead the way and at other times step back and allow others to do so. We will encourage each other, but ultimately we alone must choose our own direction, keep going when we desperately want to turn back, and finally, with patience and determination, discover our own true north.

(from Trail Marker 6:)

Today, I intend to float downstream,
going with the flow of the smoother waters
I’ve manifested into my life.

Just when we think things are flowing smoothly, life can present some daunting rapids. They may appear quite suddenly, catching us off-guard as we round a bend. Some of these surprises are unavoidable. There is no turning back. We must lean into the current and courageously navigate through it. Remember that we may discover some gems of wisdom or develop new skills of navigation as a result of our rough ride.

Once we arrive in more tranquil waters, we will relish the chance to pull in the oars and comfortably float for a while, fully appreciating the smoother ride. We will find ourselves carried on the current of our hopes and desires. Floating downstream is ever so much sweeter. Going with the flow of our lives and trusting when serendipity appears will guide us to the destination of our dreams.

I experienced a life-changing post-cancer enthusiasm. Facing my own mortality and coming out the other side opened my eyes. Suddenly, I was embracing my life with a gratitude and passion that had been missing before my diagnosis. I began appreciating and deepening my connections with my friends and family members. My life and work became more effortless as I reprioritized my relationships. I felt I was truly floating downstream for the first time in my life. I was experiencing the magic of moving free!

(from Trail Marker 2:)

Forgiveness loosens the knots of judgment and anger
that bind my spirit, allowing love to flow freely again.

When others fail to meet our expectations or hurt us deeply, we may feel profoundly sad or angry. Those strong feelings may feel like a knot that can’t be loosened. Allowing resentments or hurt feelings to separate us jeopardizes the relationship.

We must examine our dark feelings and bring them into the light in order to heal them. We must recognize that every one of us is doing the best we can, given our history and current circumstances. If we both are able to share our perspectives in a non-hurtful way, mutual empathy can be restored. Forgiveness becomes possible. We can release the knots of resentment only by truly forgiving ourselves and others.

Mutual forgiveness liberates us to bond in a new way. But even if the other person doesn’t think they have done anything wrong and refuses to apologize, we can still choose to send forgiving and loving vibrations their way. Who knows what positive effect such a mental blessing might reap? Either way, we will be able to move past our own negative feelings. Truly releasing such feelings restores our attention to our intended pathway.

Forgiving my Dad for being so strict and critical during my childhood was a daunting challenge for me. Once I left home, I rarely saw him as we both went on with our lives. He remarried three times. I was finally able to deeply forgive him for hurting me during some personal counseling to heal my failing marriage. My act of forgiveness freed me to have some enjoyable interactions with my Dad going forward. During a week I spent taking care of him shortly before his passing, he finally told me he had always been proud of me. It was a comforting final encounter that might not have occurred if I hadn’t forgiven him ten years earlier.